It's not just about the numbers,
we know what your business needs. 



Powered by 50 years of experience of the sister firm Kozman & Co.,, Benchmark was established in 2015. Since then it has pioneered the provision of outsourced financial services to the Egyptian market, where any type or size of business can’t ever escape the inevitable need of a reliable accounting & finance function to support the business operations.
Benchmark brings an all-rounded business consultancy experience, as it officially and solely represents Santafe Associates International-SFAI in Egypt. SFAI, as a member of the international Forum of Firms, is a global network of financial consultants & service providers.



Be it through statutory financial statements or management reports, an up-to-date & accurate recording conserves all financial data which is the first steppingstone towards running your business smoothly while simultaneously measuring and evaluating performance. Our bookkeeping service is operated and supervised by a team of experts.
At Benchmark we maintain an alert eye to the latest applicable wage and tax laws, including social insurance, VAT, Payroll and withholding taxes.


Setting the parameters vividly to all stakeholders is vital for coherent and well-informed decisions that are timely and meticulously strategic. We offer a finance manager on part-time basis assigned to create and constantly update a detailed financial report supplemented with regular analysis for insights and possible improvements.


To efficiently develop your financial and operational strategies and risk management, we offer a shadow CFO role on part-time basis. The CFO expertise that directs all the financial functions must be strong and reliable. Financial reporting and budgeting are inevitable for strategic decision making.



"The Benchmark team have been great partners to work with since the very inception of our company.  They are extremely professional, diligent and knowledgeable in their field.  I would like to thank our account manager in particular, who is always going over and above to manage our account, to answer all our queries and to provide us with the best possible service! "

Mona El Kheshen , Founder & CEO, EPN Ltd